• White balm WangProm 50 g

Very mild, but strong healing effect of the balm is due to its unique composition.

 Wintergreen oil - 57%.

 Menthol - 22%

 Borneol - 11%

 Camphor - 10%

 There are no extremely burning herbs and essential oils in the composition, and therefore it is this white balm that is one of the most gentle among all other balms in Thailand.  For this reason, in contrast to the more pungent and saturated with esters of balms, it can even be used to treat young children from 1 year of age and older.

 It has a strong analgesic effect, relieves inflammation, heals.  Relieves muscle and joint pain, incl.  when pinching nerves, relieves itching from insect bites.  Helps relieve coughs and colds, stress conditions and headaches.


 For insect bites, apply spot-on to bite sites as needed.

 For pain in muscles and joints - apply 2-3 times a day with circular massaging movements to painful areas of the body.

 For headaches and fevers, apply to the temples.

 To relieve coughing, rub the chest and back in the chest area up to three times a day.

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White balm WangProm 50 g

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