• Grace Crystal Deodorant Water 70 g

Deodorant Crystal

 There are some advantages to using them:

 Megaeconomic.  I have enough for a year, or even one and a half of its use.

 Safe.  We all know the dangers of conventional deodorants.  They block sweat glands, thereby preventing our body from flushing out toxins from the body, which is why antiperspirants are the main culprits for breast cancer in women!  These crystals are absolutely harmless and natural.

 Does not cause inflammation, and even treat them.  It can even be applied to a child's body to get rid of prickly heat or inflammation.

 How does a crystal work?  It kills bacteria that cause bad odors.  But the sweat itself does not disappear!  It will still be there, but there will be no smell!

 To apply it, you need to moisten the crystal in water and apply it to your armpits several times.

 If a Thai mineral is accidentally broken, the shards can be collected and dissolved in water.  We place the resulting solution in a container with a spray bottle and use it further in the form of a spray deodorant.  Not a single product quality is lost!

 Aroma: Cristal Water

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Grace Crystal Deodorant Water 70 g

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