• Emulsion Hyaluronic acid Gold Princess 100 ml

Emulsion Gold Princess saturates cells with moisture.  Stimulates regenerative processes in the skin, improves tone and elasticity.  Smoothes expression lines, eliminates flaking and irritation of the skin.  After using the emulsion, the skin regains volume, freshness and radiance.

 The emulsion has a delicate, light texture.  Absorbs quickly to provide skin with deep hydration without feeling sticky.

 Active ingredients:

 Hyaluronic acid - the main component in the composition, effectively helps your skin to maintain a constant level of moisture and keep your complexion clear and radiant.  Adds softness and elasticity to the skin.  Maintains the level of water balance in cells.  The skin becomes firmer and firmer.

 Betaine is an amino acid from plant sap.  Betaine retains water in skin cells, softens and smoothes.  It is used in cosmetics for dry, sensitive skin and in anti-age products.

 Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, helps to lighten the skin, and reduces pigmentation.

 Rose extract - tones up faded skin, rejuvenates it, makes it more firm and elastic.  Soothes sensitive skin, relieves irritation and inflammation.  Cosmetic products containing this ingredient are recommended for dry skin that needs additional nutrition and hydration.

 How to use: apply to cleansed face skin, after toner application, before cream.  Suitable for both morning and evening use.

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Emulsion Hyaluronic acid Gold Princess 100 ml

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