• F.G.L Lotion 120 ml

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 It consists of two separate independent elements: lotion and soap.

 Lotion - softens horny, rough, chapped skin.

 Liquid salt soap - cleans the feet from softened keratinized skin.

 Effectively softens and eliminates corns, calluses, rough skin.

 Prevents and removes unpleasant odors, makes the skin of the feet wonderfully soft and smooth.

 Mode of application:

 Pour warm water into a basin in such an amount that only the feet are covered.  Add half a bottle of lotion to the water.

 Keep your feet in water for 10-15 minutes.  Then, with a pumice stone or a special grater, remove the softened dead skin of corns, calluses, etc. from the feet.

 Pour out the waste water with lotion.  Pour in the same amount of hot water (so that the legs endure) and dissolve a little liquid salt soap in it.  Hold your legs for 4-6 minutes.  Then wipe your feet and lubricate with foot cream.

 After that, you will not recognize your heels!

 Cope even with the HARDEST skin and deep cracks.

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F.G.L Lotion 120 ml

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