• Ya Ra Bai Kongkaherb 100 capsules

Ya Ra Bai helps in cases of irregular bowel movements.  It is safe for people with diseases of the liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract (ulcer, gastritis).  Thai granules (capsules) should be ordered for emergency relief (constipation) and for gradual weight loss.  Among the advantages of the drug are the following:

 soft and effective action;

 increasing the motor function of the large intestine;

 stimulation of natural bowel cleansing;

 forcing metabolic processes;

 directional, long-term action;

 regulation and restoration of intestinal microflora;

 lack of toxic effects on the body.

 Slimming capsules have a mild laxative effect.  They help cleanse the body of harmful substances, as well as restore hormonal balance.  The tool promotes the breakdown of lipids.

 The capsules contain only natural, useful, effective components: leaves of Alexandria Senna and Bridelia ovate, magnesium, terminalia and other plants.

 Method of application Ya Ra Bai: the drug is taken before bedtime.  To achieve the effect of weight loss, it is enough to take 2-3 capsules daily.  The granules are washed down with a glass of water.

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Ya Ra Bai Kongkaherb 100 capsules

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