• Dok Bua Ku sensetive toothpaste 90 g

Dok Bua Ku Sensitive dark brown toothpaste was created by the famous Thai manufacturer Twin Lotus especially for sensitive enamel and gums.

 Thanks to its composition, Twin Lotus paste provides gentle but effective care.  Strengthens, reduces bleeding gums and teeth sensitivity.  It has antibacterial properties, freshens breath for a long time, removes plaque from tea and coffee without damaging tooth enamel.

 This toothpaste contains cuttlefish bone powder and calcium carbonate, which perfectly polish teeth;

 Sorbitol, which preserves the fatty texture of the paste, which does not allow it to dry out;

 Miswak is a 100% natural dentifrice, just the root of a plant.  It has a bactericidal and sedative effect, it removes plaque from tooth enamel better than any brush;

 Cat's whisker (java tea) is widely used in Asia, is an antioxidant, has antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties;

 Thistle has a bactericidal effect, stops bleeding.  It is used in the treatment of purulent inflammations and wound healing;

 Clinacanthus nutans, which ideally relieves inflammation and irritation of the mucous membrane, also copes with any allergic reaction, viruses and infections, very well helps with herpes in the mouth and stomatitis;

 Lauryl sulfoacetate, made from coconut and palm oils and plays the role of a dietary supplement;

 Murraya paniculata, contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, a powerful natural antiseptic that will help heal any wounds in the oral cavity.

 Together, these ingredients create the legendary versatile toothpaste.  Every time you brush your teeth, you get a pleasant feeling of touching nature, which takes care of everyone's health.

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Dok Bua Ku sensetive toothpaste 90 g

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