• Snail gold face gel Nature republic 35 ml

Gel for the care of the face and skin around the eyes Contains snail mucus, collagen and bio-gold;

 Smoothes wrinkles, makes the skin even and smooth, strengthens the oval of the face;

 Eliminates crow's feet around the eyes, bags and bruises under the eyes.

 Gel with the secretion of snail mucus, collagen, bio-gold and vitamins is recommended for the care of the face and delicate skin around the eyes. The triple power of gold powder, collagen and snail secretion extract will make your skin glow with health and youth!

 The gel is quickly absorbed and penetrates deeply into the skin, restores damaged cells and accelerates their renewal.

 It smoothes out wrinkles, makes the face contour firmed, and the skin - even, smooth and radiant. It also removes crow's feet and prevents their appearance, removes dark circles and bags under the eyes.

 You will be amazed at its anti-aging effect!

 How to use: Apply the gel in a thin layer to cleansed face and neck skin in the morning and in the evening.

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Snail gold face gel Nature republic 35 ml

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