• Him Fha

Hin Fha herbal balls with a completely natural composition, effectively helping to cope with nicotine addiction.  Recommended for anyone who has decided to quit smoking.

 Hin Fha Thai herbal balls contain a herbal blend that suppresses the urge to smoke and causes aversion to tobacco smoke.

 In addition, herbal balls from smoking Hin Fa cleanse the lungs and bronchi from toxins and improve the condition of the respiratory system, soothe the nervous system.

 Mode of application:

 Take 1 Hin Fha Anti-Nicotine Dragee 3-8 times a day.

 It is recommended that quitting smokers always have a jar of smoking lozenges with them, and if they want to smoke, suck 1 ball of Hin Fha

 Cessation of smoking and cleansing of the lungs occurs gradually, within 3-4 weeks of taking herbal balls for those who want to quit smoking.

 It is recommended to take herbal smoking balls for at least a month

 Ingredients: Vernonia cinerea Less, Prong Fah / Clausena Heptaphylla / Murraya siamensis Craib, Papermint

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Him Fha

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