• Manjakani

These balls are made only from natural herbal ingredients.  Main composition: bamboo charcoal, Pueraria Mirifica and Manjakani (or "Gall Oak")

 No chemistry!

 What are the properties of vaginal constriction balls for women?

 The muscles of the vagina become narrower.

 The tone of the vagina increases.

 Elasticity is restored, as in the "virgin" years.

 Excitement comes much faster, and not only in a woman, but also in a man from the thoughts themselves.

 During intercourse, you will learn about new sensations, tk.  muscles will become more sensitive.

 The duration of the vaginal orgasm increases.

 Herbal balls are antibacterial, help to cope with unfriendly flora, female diseases (thrush, inflammation).

 Have a positive effect on cervical erosion.

 Reduce painful sensations during the menstrual cycle.

 Women who have given birth to two or more children know like no one else about the loss of vaginal tone.  But balls help even in such situations, and any mother with many children begins to feel like the most beloved and desired special on Earth.



 -It is not desirable to use earlier than 3 months after childbirth.

 -Individual intolerance to the components.

 Method of application: 1 ball once a week vaginally to a depth of 3 to 5 centimeters before bedtime or 24 hours before the expected sexual intercourse to narrow the vagina.

 The first effect occurs approximately 3 hours after application.  With regular use, the internal volume is significantly reduced after just a month.

 - Can be used before menstruation, if the possibility of pregnancy is excluded and immediately after the end of critical days.

 - If you feel a burning sensation, take a break for 2 weeks or use half a tablet.

 - If you only want to temporarily narrow the internal space, then the tablet can also be divided into parts.

 - Can be used during lactation, but not earlier than 3 months after childbirth and not more often than once a week.

 - If you feel excessive dryness and excessive muscle contraction, use a lubricating gel.

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