• Ocoberry Herbal one 60 capsules

In the modern world, human eyes have a colossal load: using smartphones and tablets, working at a computer during the day, watching TV or reading in low light in the evening.  Many negative factors, to which are added unhealthy diet, lack of sleep and vitamins, bad habits and an unfavorable environment, can hit your eye health.  A Thai dietary supplement from the popular company Herbal One will help protect against diseases of the organs of vision, improve health, perhaps even get rid of some problems, improving the quality of life and making it brighter!

 The capsules contain only two active ingredients:

 - blueberries, a well-known berry, rich in carotene, manganese, vitamins of various groups and antioxidants.  Blueberry reduces eye fatigue when working at a computer, normalizes blood circulation in the retina, neutralizes the action of free radicals, and improves visual acuity (including diabetes).

 - calendula, which contains flavonoids, carotene and vitamins, which helps to strengthen the immune system, saturate the body with useful substances, and protect the eyes from external adverse influences.

 Capsules help to improve visual acuity, including night vision, prevent vision loss due to eye strain, normalize collagen levels in the cornea, and protect the retina and lens.

 Application: 1 capsule twice a day.

 It is not a medicine.

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Ocoberry Herbal one 60 capsules

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