• Compound Butea Superba Thanyaporn 100 capsules

Butea Superba is a very effective and very safe 100% herbal product.  It contains unique phytoflavonoids that help improve the quality of sex life, solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, prolong pleasure during sex and experience brighter and more colorful orgasms.

 The outstanding libido-enhancing properties of Kwao Krua have long been known to the locals.  For hundreds of years, Kwao Krua has been used as the main ingredient in traditional Thai herbal medicines and is considered a national treasure of Thai medicine.

 Most of the nutrients are found in the large underground tuberous root system and are used to improve erections, libido, tone and mood in men.

 Over the years, researchers and scientists from all over the world have shown great interest in the properties of natural Thai Viagra - Bouta Superba root.

 Butea Superba is best for men and contains a lot of phytoandrogens that mimic male hormones.  They are useful for restoring bone and muscle strength, dexterity, restoring hair growth, and improving sexual desire.

 Butea root also helps lower cholesterol and prevents heart attacks and strokes.

 It contains flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides that help with cardiovascular function.

 Butea Superba is suitable - the root of longevity, restoration of sexual performance, reduction of fatigue, as well as for the treatment of hypertension or blood cholesterol disorders.

 Properties of Thai Viagra Butea Superba

 Butea Superba increases blood flow to the penis which strengthens the penis, increases sexual arousal and enhances erection

 Butea Superba capsules also prolong sexual activity

 Butea Superba reduce blood cholesterol levels

 Butea Superba reduces fatigue, increases energy and is a natural source of essential vitamins, minerals and phytoandrogens that are very beneficial for men's health and well-being

 Completely natural product!  Does not contain artificial additives or colors!

 Contraindications - No side effects have been identified.  Not recommended for people under 18 and over 75 years old.

 Has an international GMP certificate and is also registered with the Thai Ministry of Health.

 Method of application: 2 capsules 2 times a day before meals

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Compound Butea Superba Thanyaporn 100 capsules

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