• Hi Q-Pro 12 sachets 180 g

It is an activated dietary fiber that helps in the fight against excess weight.

 The complex of herbs and fiber helps to reduce allergic manifestations in the body, completely cleanses, reduces weight, normalizes the intestinal microflora, regulates the content of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.  The complex is very useful for those who suffer from diabetes.

 Fiber is necessary for such deviations as:

 ✔️ overweight - fiber prevents excess fat and forms the effect of quick satiety;

 ✔️ atherosclerosis - thanks to fiber, bile acids are sorbed and the level of cholesterol in the blood is reduced;

 ✔️ diabetes mellitus - fiber lowers blood sugar and its absorption in the intestines;

 ✔️dysbacteriosis - fiber is the main nutritional resource for normal intestinal microflora, therefore its deficiency is the main cause of dysbiosis;

 ✔️ female diseases - regular consumption of fiber reduces the risk of breast cancer;

 ✔️chronic constipation - fiber deficiency is the cause of chronic constipation and a high risk of intestinal pathology;


 Dextrose, fructose, glucose, plant fiber, apple fiber, garcinia, berry fiber, oat fiber.

 Mode of application:

 it is necessary to pour 1 sachet of powder into a glass of water at room temperature (150-180 ml), stir and drink.

 ✔️1.  if you want to cleanse the body, it is recommended to take one sachet at bedtime for 28 days.

 ✔️2.  if you want to lose weight - drink 1 sachet daily 15 minutes before lunch or before dinner.  The course of admission is 28 days.


 not recommended for use during lactation and pregnancy;  with diseases of the kidneys, duodenum and gastric ulcer;  children under 13 years old.

 The box contains 12 sachets, 18 g each.

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Hi Q-Pro 12 sachets 180 g

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