• Cal-Ups join 60 tablets

Chondroprotector with shark cartilage for joints and ligaments 60 tablets (for 2 months)

 Cal-Up is a Thai pill for bones and joints, a combination of two active ingredients, a compound of calcium with shark cartilage,

 The remedy is effective for degenerative, age-related, joint diseases such as;




 ➡️ polyarthritis


 ➡️ damage to the ligamentous apparatus

 ➡️ fractures


 ➡️disorder of bone tissue formation

 ➡️ as prevention during menopause and older age.

 Benefits of shark cartilage: Shark cartilage contains a concentrate of chondroitin and glucosamine and nourishes the ligaments, stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens bones, stops inflammation, improves the elasticity and strength of the ligaments.

 Shark soup made from shark cartilage is the main dish in China, it is thanks to this that the Chinese remain active until old age.

 Chondoprotector composition;

 Calcium 1500 mg.

 shark cartilage 50 mg.

 FDA state registration number 13-1-10649-1-0065

 Take 1 capsule daily after meals.

 For a good result, it is recommended to take at least 2-3 months.

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Cal-Ups join 60 tablets

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