• Nasolin P.L. syrup 60 ml

NaSolin Children's Syrup for Rhinitis and Fever 60 ml

 For babies over 1 year old

 - Feverish condition;


 stuffy nose;

 - runny nose;

 - aches in the bones.

 This product does not contain alcohol, has no side effects, has a pleasant sweet fruity taste, and therefore does not cause problems with intake.

 The active ingredients of the drug help to relieve nasal breathing, remove edema and mucus, including allergies, and relieve the condition at elevated temperatures.

 Each 5 ml of syrup contains 2 mg chlorpheniramine maleate and 5 mg phenylephrine.

 Mode of application:

 1-2 years 1/4 scoop

 2-6 years 1/2 scoop

 6-12 years old, 1 scoop

 Adults, 2 scoops.

 Repeat every 4-6 hours.

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Nasolin P.L. syrup 60 ml

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