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In Thailand, green milk tea is a popular drink among the local population.  It is sold in every cafe and even in small shops among the streets.  Thais drink it chilled, which allows them to cheer up and quench their thirst.  This tea is also gaining popularity among tourists due to its beneficial properties and pleasant taste.  Therefore, everyone should try it at least once.

 It has a creamy flavor and a light herbal aroma.  After tasting, there is a sensation of astringency, but not as pronounced as after green tea.  The only drawback of tea is the presence of two food additives.  They are allowed for use, but it is worth knowing that additives are synthetic dyes, due to which the drink acquires its bright emerald color.

 Cooking methods:

 1. Hot milk green tea:

 Pour teaspoons with 0.5 liters of hot water, insist for 5 minutes, strain, pour into cups and add a little milk (condensed milk);

 2. Hot Thai green tea with milk:

 Heat 1 liter of skim milk without boiling, add 2 tablespoons of Thai green milk tea, leave for 5-7 minutes, strain, pour into cups or pour into a thermos;

 3. Thai Iced Milk Green Tea:

 2 tbsp.  l.  Thai milk green tea, 2 tbsp.  l.  condensed milk (or sugar 2 tbsp), 2 tbsp.  l.  concentrated milk without sugar or cream, 20% fat, 2 glasses of water.

 Pour 2 tablespoons of tea with boiling water, cover, leave for 5 minutes.

 Then gently strain the tea into cups.

 Add condensed milk or sugar.  Chill the tea in the refrigerator.

 Put crushed ice in glasses, pour tea.  Top up with concentrated milk or cream and serve with straws.

FDA 57-2-02561-6-0002

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Thai milk green tea ChaTraMue 200 g

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