• Chlorophyll Preaw Brend 4.5 g

Chlorophyll will support your body and strengthen your immune system.

 Very gently cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, removes poisons and toxins, purifying the blood and supporting the liver.

 Thai chlorophyll is isolated from the leaves of the Japanese mulberry (Mulberry).  It is 100% natural soluble powder, contains no preservatives, dyes, sugar or other substances.


 Removes toxins and poisons from the body

 Cleans and repairs the liver

 It "alkalizes" the body, neutralizing the harmful effects of acids.

 Restores intestinal microflora, helps with constipation

 Reduces cholesterol levels, prevention of varicose veins

 Reduces dark circles under the eyes, revitalizes skin and returns a healthy glow

 Cleansing the body and blood, eliminates acne, rash with allergies

 Soothes headaches and cures migraines

 Reduces acidity in the stomach

 Eliminates cystitis, reduces menstrual pain

 Helps with insomnia, reduces snoring

 Mode of application:

 Dissolve a sachet in 0.5 liters of cold water and drink it throughout the day.  It is best to drink before meals or in between meals.


 Individual intolerance.

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Chlorophyll Preaw Brend 4.5 g

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