• 3D Facial Mask Snail Belov 10 pcs

Snail extract contains proteins, collagen, elastin and many other substances that our skin needs.  Penetrating deep into the skin tissue, the active substances eliminate signs of aging at the cellular level and accelerate the process of new cell production.

 It is recommended to use a mask with snail extract for:

 - removal of inflammatory foci and skin irritation;

 - in order to even out the tone and get rid of age spots;

 - intensive nutrition and hydration;

 - regeneration of skin tissue;

 - with a rejuvenating purpose: the mask smoothes deep wrinkles, removes small ones.

 Snail extract has a complex effect on the skin.  It unclogs pores, heals inflammation and heals damage.  The snail mask moisturizes, tightens and regenerates.  Helps improve cell regeneration, relieves stress and tension.  Makes the skin smooth and elastic, smoothes wrinkles.

 A sheet mask with snail extract refreshes and soothes, relieves inflammation and irritation, and is very useful after aggressive cosmetic procedures.  Recovers after harmful environmental influences.

 Method of application: before use, the face must be thoroughly cleansed.  Recommended for use after shower.  Release the mask from the blister and distribute evenly.  Keep for 15-20 minutes.  Blot with a napkin if necessary.

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3D Facial Mask Snail Belov 10 pcs

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