• Wan-Chuck-Mod-Luk 100 capsules

Capsules for women Van Chuck Mod Luk

 ✔️ Normalizes the menstrual cycle;

 ✔️ Helps in the treatment of cervical erosion;

 ✔️ Has a stimulating and tonic effect on the tissues of the uterus and endometrium, improves blood circulation in the uterus;

 ✔️ Treats infertility;

 ✔️ Promotes rapid recovery of the body after childbirth;

 ✔️Improves the patency of the fallopian tubes;

 ✔️ Treats cystitis;

 ✔️ Promotes the process of conception;

 ✔️ normalizes the microflora of the female genital organs.

 Ingredients: Javanese turmeric.

 Mode of application:

 1-2 capsules 3 times a day after meals.


 Javanese yellow root should not be consumed during pregnancy, gallstone disease, biliary obstruction, or jaundice.

 Side effects: In case of severe overdose, irritation of the gastric mucosa may occur, nausea and vomiting may occur.

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Wan-Chuck-Mod-Luk 100 capsules

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