• Kal Cab Oyster Power100 capsules

Oyster Calcium Capsules Kal Cab

 Kal Cab capsules are a completely natural preparation, a source of natural calcium obtained from the processing of oyster shells.

 Oyster calcium is completely absorbed by the body.

 Calcium is the basis of bone tissue, is responsible for dental health and is involved in the processes of vascular contraction and relaxation, muscle contraction and the transmission of nerve impulses.

 Oyster calcium is used:

 In case of irregular heart rhythms, calcium plays an important role in maintaining heart health

 With tooth decay associated with a lack of calcium in the body

 It is especially recommended to take oyster calcium capsules during menopause, for the prevention of osteoporosis

 For hypertension: Calcium helps keep blood pressure normal

 With nervous disorders, increased fatigue, drowsiness

 For muscle cramps, muscle cramps associated with a lack of calcium

 For the fastest regeneration of bone tissue in case of fractures

 The package contains 100 capsules of Kal Cab oyster calcium. The composition of each 580 mg capsule: 51.72% oysters, 25.87% oyster shell powder, 4.31% black pepper, 4.31% Chinese bosenbergia ginger.

 Take 1-2 capsules once daily after meals

 Not recommended for pregnant women and young children.

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Kal Cab Oyster Power100 capsules

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