• Thanyaporn Herbs Jiaogulan Capsules 100 capsules

Gynostemma five-leaf capsules

 It normalizes metabolic processes and the absorption of nutrients, tightens the skin, gives a healing effect in diseases of the cardiovascular system, AIDS, and oncological diseases.

 Recommendations for use:

-as a means for rejuvenation and prevention of early aging;

 -in the recovery period after illnesses;

 -in diabetes, as a regulator of carbohydrate and protein metabolism;

 - as a means for the regeneration of liver cells in hepatitis and other diseases, incl. cirrhosis of the liver;

 -for the prevention of cancer;

 -in depression, sleep disorders, to achieve psychological comfort;

 -adaptogen in stressful situations and in meteosensitive people, with chronic fatigue syndrome;

 - for the treatment of impotence in men;

 - with atherosclerosis of the vessels of the brain, heart and other organs, the initial stages of hypertension (with high blood pressure - with caution, only after the stabilization of blood pressure), in case of heart rhythm disturbances;

 - to maintain the normal state of the teeth, as well as to eliminate bad breath;

 - in case of food and other poisoning, among workers in hazardous industries, incl. with radioactive materials;

 - in AIDS patients to improve metabolic processes in general and increase the production of lymphocytes

 Mode of application:

 2 tablets once a day 30 minutes before meals. Drink with warm water.


 1. Take with caution in people with high blood pressure;

 2. It is not recommended to take in the afternoon, especially for sleep disorders.


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Thanyaporn Herbs Jiaogulan Capsules 100 capsules

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