• Matoom tea Thai Herb 200 g

Matum tea for coughs and colds

 The tea is the dried fruit of the bael tree Aegle marmelos, also called Bengal quince or golden apple.

 Matum is the Thai version of the fruit of this tree, which is considered one of the most beneficial medicinal plants in the world.  It is also called the tea of ​​smokers, because it perfectly cleanses the lungs.

 Due to its medicinal properties, the bael fruit drink is widely used in oriental medicine.

 ✔ It is great for colds and coughs.

 ✔ It has an expectorant effect, lowers temperature, improves immunity.

 ✔Matum tea is also used for gastrointestinal diseases as an antiseptic and astringent,

 ✔ Strengthens the cardiovascular and nervous system.

 The taste of the drink is tart, slightly sweet.  Recommended for adults and children.

 Contraindications  Individual intolerance to ingredients.

 How to use: pour a glass of hot water over pieces of dried fruit and let it brew for 15-20 minutes.  The drink can be consumed hot or cold.  You can add honey to taste

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Matoom tea Thai Herb 200 g

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