• Payayor Calamine Abhaibhubejht 60 ml

Lotion for the treatment of dermatitis and psoriasis 60 ml


 Abhai Herb herbal lotion based on natural herbal ingredients for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, as well as for the quick and safe relief of itching from chickenpox, postoperative sutures, and insect bites.  The lotion contains the extract of the plant clinacanthus and the mineral calamine.


 The extract of the plant Klinakanthus has pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, effectively copes with herpetic eruptions.

 Calamine or zinc spar has a high zinc content, which is easily absorbed by the skin.  Lotions based on this mineral are used for such diseases and conditions as chickenpox, skin diseases, dermatitis, herpes, shingles, acne (acne, acne), urticaria, rubella, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, insect bites.



 Shake the lotion bottle well, use a cotton pad to apply the lotion to problem areas of the skin and let dry.  If necessary, you can repeat the procedure several times a day.

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Payayor Calamine Abhaibhubejht 60 ml

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