• Acne Clear Soap Madame Heng 150 g

The active substances contained in this soap penetrate deeply into skin cells, effectively destroy harmful bacteria and fungal infections that cause acne formation, prevent their multiplication, and stop inflammatory processes in skin cells.

 The soap has excellent anti-inflammatory and healing properties.  Quickly removes various irritations, redness and inflammation on the face, heals the skin, promotes resorption of keloid scars, smoothes the skin surface, and reduces pores.  Moisturizes the skin, helps to retain moisture, and prevents it from drying out.  Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminates oily sheen, mattifies and refreshes the skin.

 This soap is an indispensable tool for teenagers experiencing discomfort due to age-related changes.

 Suitable for all skin types.  Can be used by women and men.

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Acne Clear Soap Madame Heng 150 g

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