Spray against psoriasis and eczema

 The spray is used to treat psoriasis and eczema on various parts of the body - knees, elbows, scalp, near nails, etc.

 The spray has a completely natural composition:

 - 25% Bush Flower Extract - a beautiful plant with a strong antifungal effect

 - 25% cleome plant extract

 - 20% root of the plant Dodil giganteus, relieves itching, skin irritation

 - 15% cuttlefish bone powder

 - 10% plant extract Stephanie venosa

 - 5% - extracts of other medicinal plants

 Mode of application:

 Apply spray 2-3 times a day to problem areas of the skin or scalp, do not rinse.

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Psoriasis herbal spray Nherb 60 ml

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