• Poo Sema Herbal Oil 20 ml

Herbal universal Thai oil Pu Sei Ma with a completely natural composition for the treatment of allergic skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema, as well as varicose veins, bruises and swelling and many other problems.

 1.with varicose veins - herbal oil helps to reduce seals on the veins, reduces venous nodes with varicose veins

 2. for the treatment of bruises - herbal oil tincture PuSeyMa quickly relieves pain, accelerates wound healing, promotes rapid resorption of bruises

 3.with hemorrhoids - applying herbal oil Poo Sema Herbal Oil to the problem area promotes healing of cracks, eliminates bleeding, relieves pain, resolves hemorrhoids

 4. with psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis.  PuSeyMa tincture accelerates wound healing and cleanses the skin from plaque, redness and flaking

 5.with insect bites

 How to apply:

 - for varicose veins, apply PuSeyMa oil with light movements 3-4 times a day

 - for psoriasis, apply herbal oil to the area of ​​inflammation and redness 3-4 times a day

 - with hematomas, bruises, you can make lotions with Pu Sei Ma oil for several hours

 - for swelling of the legs, do a light massage with Poo Sema Herbal Oil tincture 2 times a day until the oil is absorbed

 - for hemorrhoids, apply to hemorrhoids 2 times a day

 Ingredients: Coconut oil, Thai herbal collection (Phlai, Cassumunar ginger, Bengal root, Mangosteen Peel, Aloe vera) and snake skin shed powder.

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Poo Sema Herbal Oil 20 ml

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