• Scalp herbal treatment Abhaibhubejht 45 ml

This product is created on the basis of Thai medicinal herbs that strengthen the hair roots.

 Main components: extract of emblica (amla), haritaki extract.

 Amla extract is a natural source of vitamin C.

 It has excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

 The active ingredients of the amla extract accelerate the cell regeneration processes, preventing dandruff.  Hair gains strength and health.

 Already after the first application of the product, a decrease in the amount of hair loss, their softness, strength and healthy shine can be noted.

 Amla extract improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands, cleanses and nourishes oily hair, eliminating excess oil.

 The use of the extract does not change the color of light colored hair, except for the cases when the preparation is applied to uncolored hair, while the natural hair color becomes richer and darker.

 Haritaki extract contains the following list of antioxidant tannins.

 As a result, the hair regains a healthy shine, shine and strength.  Haritaki extract gives a second chance to lifeless, thinned, dry, brittle, colored hair, as well as hair after an illness.

 Mode of application:

 Rub the product into damp hair and massage gently, rinse thoroughly after 15 minutes.

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Scalp herbal treatment Abhaibhubejht 45 ml

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