• HaemoVit 100 tablets

HaemoVit tablets for anemia and iron deficiency.

 This jar contains a full range of vitamins and minerals to replenish iron deficiency and improve blood quality.

 Nowadays, almost everyone has latent anemia.

 Symptoms of anemia:

 Fatigue, dizziness, hair loss, pallor of the skin, loss of appetite, tinnitus, headache, fainting, "flies" before the eyes, pain in the heart, shortness of breath.  In addition, women lose blood every month on critical days, which also does not have the best effect on health.

 As part of HaemoVit:

 Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D.

 Minerals: Iodine, iron, zinc, hemoglobin

 Mode of application:

 1 tablet with meals

 It is possible for children from 6 years old

 Volume of 100 pills of tablets

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HaemoVit 100 tablets

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