• Deodorant powder Teoyeablok sakura 25 g

Sakura herbal powder to eliminate sweat odor and whiten underarms.

 Natural deodorant will provide reliable protection and unshakable confidence! A salvation for those who suffer from a delicate problem - sweaty feet or armpits.  Thai herbal powder perfectly protects against "surprises" at any time of the year, is suitable for those who go in for sports and lead an active lifestyle.  The product reduces perspiration, does not leave stickiness and streaks on clothes, prevents the growth of bacteria and, as a result, the appearance of odor.  The delicate and delicate sakura aroma is very delicate, does not interrupt the perfume and does not "choke" in the heat.  The powder contains AHA acids, which whiten the skin and protect it from drying out and inflammation.

 Application: Apply to clean, dry skin with patting movements.

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Deodorant powder Teoyeablok sakura 25 g

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