• Thaowanpriang capsules Thanyaporn 100 capsules

Traditional Thai remedy for normalizing blood pressure and relieving muscle spasms.  An irreplaceable remedy for hypertension.  The capsules contain 100% natural extract.  Cleans blood vessels from plaque, reducing the risk of hypertension and lowers blood pressure in the presence of hypertension.

 Derris Scandens, Thao Wan Priang are all names of one plant, a woody evergreen liana that grows in Asia in the Southeast.

 The capsules help relieve muscle pain and tension.  The muscles of athletes during training and during competition carry a huge load.  Sometimes the tension cannot be relieved by massage or simply trying to relax the muscles.  Tao Wang Peng capsules will do an excellent job with this task.

 Indications for use:

 - joint diseases;

 - great physical activity;

 - weak vascular walls;

 - the presence of bad cholesterol;

 - high blood pressure;

 - tension and pain in the body and muscles;

 - numbness of the limbs.

 Pharmachologic effect:

 - normalizes blood pressure;

 - improves blood circulation;

 - cleans the walls of veins and blood vessels from cholesterol;

 - helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.


 Individual intolerance.  Talk to your doctor if pregnant.

 Method of application and dosage: 2 capsules 3 times a day after meals.

 Pack of 100 capsules.  Each capsule contains 320 mg of Derris scandens Benth.  Store in a cool dry place.

 Completely natural product!  Free from artificial additives and colors

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Thaowanpriang capsules Thanyaporn 100 capsules

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