• Rasyan toothpaste cloves 25 g

As you know, cloves effectively relieve toothache.  Clove oil very well removes dental plaque (from tobacco, coffee, tea), due to which teeth are whitened.  Thanks to natural ingredients, it perfectly freshens breath, disinfects, removes inflammation of the gums, strengthens enamel and whitens teeth to natural whiteness.  ISME Rasyan is a completely organic product that cleans teeth and oral cavity better than gel-based pastes in tubes.  This paste is somewhere between tooth powder and toothpaste - it is hard.  The consistency is similar to halva.  Herbal Clove Toothpaste toothpaste reduces the hypersensitivity of tooth enamel, has a pronounced antibacterial effect, and freshens breath for a long time.

 Recommendations: Very low consumption: it is enough to make a few stroking circular motions with a dry toothbrush (do not press!)

 Do not let water get into the paste jar!

 Remember to close the jar after each use.

 Ingredients: Propolis, laurel, clove oil, clove leaf oil, patchouli essential oil, menthol.

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Rasyan toothpaste cloves 25 g

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