• Hemorrhoid relief Abhaibhubejht 10 g

The composition of the Hemorroid Relief Thai traditional medicine contains about ten names of Asian medicinal herbs; there are no pharmacological components at all.  Together, they have a powerful therapeutic effect for hemorrhoids in the acute phase.

 - The size of hemorrhoids decreases.

 - Itching and burning disappears.

 - The pain is reduced or completely eliminated.

 - Wounds and cracks heal.

 - Relieves inflammation.

 - Strengthens blood vessels.

 - Has an antibacterial effect.

 Numerous reviews of our customers indicate the high effectiveness of the drug.  Already after the first application, puffiness decreases significantly and discomfort goes away.


 The substance inside the Hemorroid Relief package resembles baby powder in texture.  To use it, you need to insert the tip of the nebulizer into the anus and press the bottle so that the medicine gets into the rectum.

 The procedure is performed once a day, before bedtime.  One package is enough for three uses.


 - Individual intolerance.

 - Pregnancy and lactation.

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Hemorrhoid relief Abhaibhubejht 10 g

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