• Calamine Leopard Brand 60 ml

This is a miracle remedy for such conditions and skin diseases as:





 Shingles and herpes.



 Rashes of various etiologies.



 Various insect bites.

 Drug action



 -Reduces swelling, irritation and inflammation of the skin;

 -Relieves itching;

 - Delays the development of pathological processes;

 - Promotes the process of skin regeneration and forms a protective layer that prevents the action of irritating factors.


 The basis of this tool is calamine and zinc oxide.  These natural substances have been used in the most successful way in dermatological practice for many years.  Additional substances that make up the product: distilled water, phenol, glycerin, sodium citrate, medical clay.

 The preparation contains no hormonal substances, alcohol, allergens.

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Calamine Leopard Brand 60 ml

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