• Mahahing 60 ml

Effective Thai medicine for colic based on asafoetida resin for external use!  Does not cause allergies and quickly soothes the baby.

 This is a lifesaver for any young mom.  What can be worse when your child suffers from colic in the tummy, and you cannot help him.  Thai pharmacy remedy for stomach pain, this is what you must have at home!

 This is a tincture of natural ingredients, including the extract of the medicinal plant Ferula and 70% alcohol.  The medicine has a convenient roller for applying to the tummy.  The tincture has a dark color.  The natural smell of the resin is not very pleasant, but the drug quickly relaxes the nerve endings and relieves spasms, abdominal pain in children and even adults.

 It is a safe homeopathic remedy for newborns with no contraindications.  It relieves pain, colic, bloating, helps to remove gas faster, improve digestion and normalize stool.

 An excellent alternative to tablets and dill water for food allergies.  Recommended by Thai pediatricians as a gentle colic medicine for newborns.

 Mode of application:

 Apply the product to your baby's navel and massage clockwise for 2 minutes.  Soon the baby will calm down, excess gases will begin to move away.

 Use 2-3 times a day.

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Mahahing 60 ml

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