• Marine Energy Eye Mask 60 pcs

Patches for the area around the eyes with seaweed "Energy of the Sea" 60 pcs.

 Nourish and deeply moisturize skin cells, tighten and firm the skin, smooth out wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones;

 Heal and refresh the skin, eliminate dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, give the look a fresh and rested look;

 Perfect for morning facials.

 Mode of application:

 On cleansed, dry skin, gently place the lobules on the lower eyelids.

 Remove carefully after 20-30 minutes.

 Each wedge is for single use only.

 For the best effect, keep the patches in the refrigerator!

 The patches contain:

 - Chondrus Crispus seaweed extract;

 - Japanese Kelp extract;

 - Algae seaweed extract;

 - Spirulina Platenses extract;

 - Extract of Kelp Digitata;

 - Chamomile Flower Extract.

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Marine Energy Eye Mask 60 pcs

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