• Fha Talai John 70 capsules

Fa Talai Chon works wonders:

 Puts you on your feet in a day

 -increases immunity;

 - kills viruses and bacteria, natural antibiotic;

 -Recommended even for tuberculosis;

 -cleans the liver from toxins and toxins;

 -improves the condition of the skin;

 -regulates the work of the digestive tract;

 - dilutes phlegm, which makes it possible to use Indian echinacea not only for colds and flu, but also for asthma;

 - relieves fever;

 -increases the body's resistance to stress.


 There are several of them.

 -The most severe - current or planned pregnancy.  It is explained by the fact that Fatalai Chon works as a strong natural contraceptive.  This increases the risk of miscarriage and decreases the likelihood of fertilization.

 -Individual intolerance - of course.  We try for allergies before starting the course.

 -If there is a surgical operation, like all herbal remedies, you should stop using it in 14 days.

 -Reduce blood pressure and thin the blood.


 Take 2 capsules up to 5 times daily.

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Fha Talai John 70 capsules

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