• Tropicana coconut oil 60 capsules

Tropicana capsules with 100% cold pressed coconut oil for oral use.

 Coconut oil strengthens the immune system, helps fight viruses and bacteria.

 Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

 Reduces the level of cholesterol in the body.  Normalizes blood sugar levels.

 Helps to Lose Weight !!!  Fats contained in coconut oil are easily burned without lingering in the body.  The oil also speeds up the metabolism, which leads to the normalization of weight and makes the body stronger and more resilient.

 Strengthens gums and teeth.

 It has a beneficial effect on the prostate gland, treats psoriasis.

 Prevents oncology and normalizes the thyroid gland.

 Normalizes the menstrual cycle and helps with hypoglycemia.

 Cleans blood vessels.  Reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

 Improves digestion, prevents diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including the pancreas and gallbladder.

 Coconut oil is cholesterol free.  It is the only oil that contains 92% saturated fatty acids, which means it does not allow the formation of free radicals and trans fats.  Pure, natural coconut oil is one of the safest and most harmless supplements on the market with no known side effects.

 Application: 2-4 capsules 15 minutes before meals.

 Ingredients: 100% cold pressed coconut oil.  One capsule contains 500 mg of coconut oil.

 Completely natural product!  Does not contain artificial additives or colors!

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Tropicana coconut oil 60 capsules

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