• Collagen Crystal Eye Patch Belov 10 pcs

Nutrients and hydrolyzed collagen have an extraordinary ability to penetrate deep into the skin.  The result is achieved within 20-30 minutes.  The skin around the eyes is tightened, a visible lifting effect is noted, the lack of collagen in the skin is replenished.  If you constantly take care of your skin in this way, then your skin will acquire a ruddy, even color and wrinkles will disappear.  The skin of the face will truly become young and beautiful.

 The patches are suitable even for the most sensitive skin.


 cleanse the skin of the face.  Spread patches evenly on the skin under the eyes, gently smooth.  Remove patches after 20-30 minutes.  After the procedure, apply a moisturizing nourishing cream to the face to consolidate the result.  Use collagen patches 2-3 times a week.

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Collagen Crystal Eye Patch Belov 10 pcs

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