• Chili sauce for chicken Maepranom 130 ml

The most popular and favorite Thai sweet chili sauce, with a rooster on the package.

 Sweet chili sauce is completely natural, does not contain preservatives and other harmful substances.  It has an incredible scent.  The taste of the sauce is at the same time spicy, mildly sweet and slightly scalding.

 Thai sweet chili sauce for chicken, can be used as a base for various dishes.  Use it as a stand-alone sauce and as a base for other sauces and dishes.

 For example, based on this Thai seasoning, you can make many different sauces and salad dressings.

 Homemade sauce: Mayonnaise or sour cream + add the same amount of Maepranom Chicken sauce and add a little soy sauce to taste.

 Salad dressing.  sweet chili sauce + vegetable oil + soy sauce.

 And it can also be used in the preparation of meat, fish and poultry, seafood.  Marinate in it, or grease on top with this sauce, in any case you will get a unique taste and aroma.

 Cooked rice for a side dish?  Add a few drops of this sauce to the rice and the taste will amaze you.

 Do you like to cook spring rolls?  Add this sauce or dip the finished rolls into it.

 Scrambled eggs and sausages for breakfast?  Serve this sauce with breakfast.

 Or do you cook kebabs or grilled dishes?  I suggest trying it with this sauce!

 In general, it is difficult for me to name dishes that this sauce does not suit.

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Chili sauce for chicken Maepranom 130 ml

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