• Suspension Selsun 60 ml

Selsun Healing Shampoo for dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and shingles.

 The product is sold in Thai pharmacies.  The result is visible after the first application.

 This shampoo contains 2.5% selenium sulfide (main active ingredient).  It is he who fights against the causes of seborrheic dermatitis and shingles.  Selenium sulfide copes well with yeast-type fungus, the so-called crusts, itching.

 And it has 3 actions:

 ✔️Cytostatic.  The shampoo restores the functioning of the sebaceous glands and normalizes the production of sebum.  In addition, it activates the process of the death of old and the formation of new cells of the epidermis.

 ✔️Fungicidal.  Selsun destroys the yeast-type fungus and eliminates the conditions in which it multiplies.

 ✔️Keratolytic.  Shampoo helps to exfoliate excess and prevents dandruff.

 Mode of application:

 1. The first thing to do is to take the package and shake it 2-3 times.  During storage, active chemical compounds are deposited, which makes the shampoo less effective.

 2. Next, wet your hair and apply Selsun to it.  Wait 5 minutes.

 3. Then massage your head and wash it with tap water.  Dry with a terry towel and do not comb until your hair is dry.

 4. For the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis or shingles, repeat the procedure twice a week, to eliminate dandruff, it is enough to use the presented product once a week.

 5. After the exacerbation stage has passed, repeat the procedure once every one to two weeks.

 You cannot use shampoo more often than indicated in the instructions !!!

 It is consumed very economically.

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Suspension Selsun 60 ml

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