• White balm Mho Shee Woke 50 g

The softest of all Thai balms.

 It is used for massage in almost all massage parlors in Thailand, as it can be used by people even with the most sensitive skin, young children and the elderly.

 White Thai balm is used for respiratory diseases such as influenza, bronchitis, acute respiratory infections.  Treats sore throat, runny nose and headaches.  Relieves itching after insect bites.  Relieves muscle spasms.  Effective for neuralgia of various origins.  It is recommended to rub the pinched nerve in case of facial, intercostal, sciatic and trigeminal neuralgia.  Before going to bed, rub the sore spots and wrap with a cloth - then the maximum effect is achieved.  In case of colds in a child, rub his back, wrap him up with a warm blanket.  The balm is sparing, the child will not cry from what he bakes.  At the same time it will warm up well.  This balm has relaxing and soothing properties, relieves stress.  White balm helps even for insomnia, if a little smear between the eyebrows.

 Product description

 Composition Made from a complex of natural oils and whale oil.

 Method of application Apply a small amount of balm to body areas, rub with massage for 2-3 minutes.  With stress, massage the whiskey, with colds - scapula, chest.

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White balm Mho Shee Woke 50 g

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